Reply To: Conditional fields display price after update

My girlfriend is here so I haven’t the time to read all, but I saw a problem with the tag.
I demonstrate it with the small one:

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[price select CarType "Choose Car Type,Saloon,Estate:286>3;287>3;288>3;289>4;290>3;291>8-res,MPV:286>10;287>10;288>11;289>11;290>12;291>27-res" style="width:191px !important;" *]

should be

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[price select CarType "Choose Car Type,Saloon,Estate:{286>3;287>3;288>3;289>4;290>3;291>8}-res,MPV:{286>10;287>10;288>11;289>11;290>12;291>27}-res" style="width:191px !important;" *]

if I remember the syntax correctly.
Try it, maybe that’s the problem.
I’ll read all and answer again after looking in the code and trying it myself this evening.