Reply To: Conditional fields display price after update

Hi Feryaz

Must have been browser cache because I’ve checked now and it’s actually showing the price fields in reservation view, other errors from my previous posts still occur, just to summarize:

1. It’s not displaying correct price from conditionals in the shortcode, instead it always display ID (first value after ‘:’ in my case it’s always 286) of the first resource from selected option as a price for the field. I assume the php code doesn’t really parse the conditionals in the same way as js script does (as it works correctly in dynamic price calculator). (URGENT) (

2. I have disabled ‘Enable time for reservation’ in the settings and added [hidden times 1] to the forms, because I’m only interested in [date-from] field with excact hour. But now it doesn’t show hours and minutes in the reservations view, it just displays duration as: (1 hour), check out here:

3. && strpos($valuefield,'>')===false fix seems to work fine for now.

Sorry for bugging you that much, but I really want to finish current project asap, and move on to other stuff.

Thanks for help!