Reply To: Conditional fields display price after update

I’ve submitted this once, but still has not been fixed !

Reservation form js script still calculates the price correctly, but reservation price showed in the dashboard, emails and even in after submitting price is not calculated properly!

None of price fields with resource based conditionals like:

[price select Area “Choose Postal Area,EN4:286>0;287>1;288>1;289>0;290>2;291>1-res,EN5:286>0;287>1;288>1;289>0;290>2;291>2-res” *]

are applied to the price and displayed in the dashboard, while simple conditionals like:

[price select MeetAndGreet “No,Yes:5″ style=”width:191px;”]

are processed correctly.

This is serious bug, please can you fix it asap?