Reply To: Configuration

I think this javascript error from the slider is causing the other scripts to not get executed anymore:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘wrapup’ of undefined jquery.flexslider.manualDirectionControls.js:23
FlexsliderManualDirectionControls jquery.flexslider.manualDirectionControls.js:23
(anonymous function) jquery.flexslider.manualDirectionControls.js:100
v.extend.each jquery.js:2
v.fn.v.each jquery.js:2
$.fn.(anonymous function) jquery.flexslider.manualDirectionControls.js:97
(anonymous function) scripts.js:81
l jquery.js:2
c.fireWith jquery.js:2
v.extend.ready jquery.js:2
A jquery.js:2

The first line is the error and the others are a history of from where it got executed to retrace it. Maybe you have forgot to configure something or it’s a bug of the theme. Hope it can help you to find the problem.