Reply To: Confused about implementing PayPal

OK, now I am moving forward 🙂

I contacted the web host and they changed the permissions of the modules folder. They said this was why there was a page not found. I had tried changing the permissions of the php file to 755, 777 and 644 but it must have been the modules folder which was the problem. Just thought I should record this info here in case it helps anyone else.

So now I have a blank white page when I look at the paypa_ipn.php page in the browser which apparently is how it should look.

I have run a test reservation in Sandbox mode. But am receiving the same type of error email as heathercash above.

These are my Paypal settings in easyreservations:

Mode: Sandbox
Currency: Australian Dollars
Use SSL ticked

This is the email I receive, any ideas?:

Subject: Error with PayPal Payment

Could be wrong owner, wrong currency or an uncomplete payment.
mc_gross = 187.50
invoice = 80
protection_eligibility = Ineligible
address_status = confirmed
payer_id = KN2HW3D6N2SYE
tax = 0.00
address_street = 1+Main+St
payment_date = 14%3A29%3A35+May+17%2C+2013+PDT
payment_status = Pending
charset = windows-1252
address_zip = 95131
first_name = Jeremy
mc_fee = 6.68
address_country_code = US
address_name = Jeremy+Summers
notify_version = 3.7
custom = 80c24790d5
payer_status = verified
business =
address_country = United+States
address_city = San+Jose
quantity = 1
verify_sign = Ai1PaghZh5FmBLCDCTQpwG8jB264ASTO5TFHiY9051pEiv.2b2HddJp7
payer_email =
txn_id = 92K81593UM322611F
payment_type = instant
last_name = Summers
address_state = CA
receiver_email =
payment_fee =
receiver_id = F3PM6KQXGWPPU
pending_reason = paymentreview
txn_type = web_accept
item_name = The+Homestead+for+1+nights+%7C+30-05-2013+-+31-05-2013
mc_currency = AUD
item_number =
residence_country = US
test_ipn = 1
handling_amount = 0.00
transaction_subject = 80c24790d5
payment_gross =
shipping = 0.00
ipn_track_id = 57994156f1473