Reply To: Couple of questions

I have made a post about your awesome plugin here:

The area is only available to registered Gravity Forms members so you won’t be able to access it I expect, but here is the content of my post:


I have finally found a well priced feature rich solution to fill this clear market gap.

At a once off cost of 119 € I think it is reasonably priced. The developer is young, passionate and prompt with support. The customisation options are amazing and I can see how it can easily be used for large hotels, single property rentals ( or just a couple of properties), tours, appointments and a lot more.

By all means, don’t take my word for it!
Download the free version and take it for a test drive, and also go and take a look at a site I am currently working on that is using this plugin (not live yet but working exactly as expected). (please don’t spam me with a heap of unpaid bookings)

– Josh