Reply To: Create an email list for premium users.

A couple of times I have posted bugs. You reply back that you are doing fixes. I then never see another post. I assume this is because you get overwhelmed. I go into the modules to see you have an update. Had I not checked on it myself I wouldnt know the update was completed. When you reply back to the forum post I know but this doesnt always happen. As with the invoicing and also the multi reservation problem you claimed they were working and they still had bugs. I think it would save you a tremendous amount of time if you sent a mass email out every time you did any kind of bug fix or update, People can opt out of the email if they dont want them. If their problem gets resolved then they could go in and post it and in the email you could encourage them to do so. I think every post I have placed on the forum that has been resolved I actually went back into and posted the resolution or that it was resolved. I did this so you wouldnt have to keep track of it and others would know the problem was fixed. I think from the onset of our relationship you were offended and didnt see me as an asset but as a pain in your side. Half of the changes in your last few updates were directly related to items that I reported. I found them because I test extensively. I am interested in seeing your software evolve and reach every area of its potential possible. What I dont want to do is continue to offend you. Customer service is a tricky business. As your client base grows it will get even trickier. Just something to think about. Be well.