Reply To: Custom Information question

I apologize if I’m missing the obvious. I thought I set different labels for each custom field. Below is my form and its output.

General informations

Select A Vehicle
Choose from our Fleet
[rooms value=”8694″ title=”Available Vehicles”]

Personal information’s

Whats your full name?

Whats your email?

Your phone number?
[custom text Phone *]

Ins Member ID
Your ins member id?
[custom text INS ID *]Please skip if you are a private pay client.

Pick Up Information

Pick-Up Date
When do you need a lift?

Pick-Up Time
What time do you want to be picked up?
[custom text Pick-Up Time maxlength=”50″ title=”Time”]

Your street?
[custom text Pick-Up Street maxlength=”100″ title=”Street”]

Your city?
[custom text Pick-Up City maxlength=”100″ title=”City”]

Zip code
Your postal code?
[custom text Zip Code maxlength=”5″ title=”Zip Code”]

Number of Riders?
How many riders?
[adults 1 10]

Destination Information

Your street?
[custom text Destination Street maxlength=”100″ title=”Address”]

Your city?
[custom text Destination City maxlength=”100″ title=”2″]

Zip code
Your postal code?
[custom text Destination Zip Code maxlength=”5″ title=”3″]

Any comments?
[custom textarea Message maxlength=”100″ title=”Message”]

Type in code

[submit Send]

ID: 14
Resource: Wheel Chair Van
Name: test

Phone: 1234567890
INS: 123456
Pick-Up: Minneapolis
Pick-Up: Minneapolis
Pick-Up: Minneapolis
Zip: 55454
Destination: 55104
Destination: 55104
Destination: 55104
Message: fd