Reply To: Custom Payments Gatewaty

There’s an unreleased API I made half a year ago for a mobile application. However it’s untouched since then, I don’t know if it’s still compatible and as there is no documentation it wouldn’t be easy to use it.

But the payment gateway script is modular so it’s easier to copy and edit a bit code from it. In /lib/modules/paypal.php there’s the function easyreservations_generate_paypal_button(); where all the button fields get generated. In the beggining you load the settings. As you don’t need settings (which would be in the first functions of paypal.php) you can can add an array with the required settings manually.
More down is the code for the buttons form generation. Copy the code from a gateway and edit the array. The keys of it are the names of the hidden fields.
Then go to the function easyreservations_generate_payment_form(); to register your gateway.
Say if you need further help.