Reply To: Dashboard errors

– 😉 I think if you’ve more as 5 resource’s the overview gets to big. So maybe someone want’s to hide some not so important one.
– It’s the count of resource option that defines the select. For a appartment I would choose 1.
– How should I calculate a discount for persons that dont pay? If you pay per “resource” the number of persons is not important, isn’t it? Like if you buy a wine it’s not important how many drink it. That’s the idea.

I plan to make a demo, but it should be a really good one. I’ll need multiple days for it and right now I have to earn money to make clear that I can resume. Will start in about a month with it. Second problem is that I (plan to) sell some styles. They could simply copy them in a demo. If you just wan’t to try a bit around with it for yourself write me an email ( and I’ll install it on my beta server and give you access.