Reply To: Dashboard errors

– I agree, very nice.
– Exactly, count of resource option that defines the select screenshot
– What is right is right. A real situation is like this: let’s say that a room type can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child for a price of xxx per room / per night. If there is the second child an extra fee of xx could be applied to the cost. This is approximately how are calculated prices for hotels, guesthouses, B&B in my country. For hostels the price is per person I think. But I figured out right now that I could give up to [child] and use custom prices to fit my needs. 🙂

When you say to sell styles you mean calendar and datepicker or also forms’ styles ? I think that also forms’ styles are important in order to look that the forms are integral part of the website design. I’ll try to make some changes to form_none.css for easier modification in many other styles (colors, borders, transparency and shadows) and I’ll send you by email in few days.

The SearchForm module is just for frontend I think ? I just want to see how it works in real environment.

I’ve worked also with the well-known paid plugin 🙂 but yours is beating it in terms of functions and cost of course !