Reply To: Dashboard is not showing correct dates of réservation

I’m sorry but i have :

In my reservation form : [hidden date-from-hour 12] [hidden date-to-hour 12]
In my ressource : Arrival possible on : from 12 till 12 / Departure possible on : from 12 till 12
Use time is activated

I did a reservation test from 14 june 2014 to 21 june 2014 and the 21 june is counted as 1 night but my guest is leaving and not staying ! On my dashboard i can see that visualy….

I’m sorry but you need to do something very quickly ! Use screenshots like me to explain that or please make a tutorial with screens to explain HOW TO SET YOUR PLUGIN TO COUNT 1 NIGHT ONLY WHEN YOUR GUEST ARRIVE IN AFTER MID DAY AND LEAVE THE DAY AFTER MID DAY !!!!!

You have all the access of our website like you asked… I can’t find the solution, you are the dev of this plugin, no me and not my customer….

Thank you !