Reply To: Dashboard is not showing correct dates of réservation

I have 2 another problems or bugs :

1) Everytime when i would like to see my reservations list on my dashboard, it’s making a very long time (lagging) to show all reservations list. My Sql base not have problem (checked) and my host have no problem too. This “bug” is existing from the first update you did last weeks for wordpress 3.9 compatibility version….

Go to easyreservations dashboard > Scroll down to see reservations lists > click on “pendind” or “En attente” (in french) to see all pending reservations > You have a laaaagg time and never the pending reservations are showing. 🙁

2) On my easyreservations dashboard, i can see all the ressources and some ressources are wrong because it’s showing bad numbers, for example the 3th june my ressource n°6 is showing only 3 places available instead of 4 and 2 for the 4 june, this ressoure is empty and not have reservations.. See my screenshot :

Thank you for your work and to fix that quickly.