Reply To: Dashboard is not showing correct dates of réservation

You have all the access, so please can you help me to do this please because i don’t understand why my settings are not correct :

1. You define the reservations count in the reservations settings. It defines how often the resource is available for renting. In the overview it shows the availability of each of these, but when you dont select one it doesn’t show up.

I only find a ressources count. But this is not the setting I would like to affect. What I need is a setting enabling to count a 2 day stay as 1 “consumed” night. Example: if the customers arrives on june the first and leaves on the second, he stays one night and therefore the dashboard table should show that the ressource count has been decreased for one day only. Currently it always decreases on both arrival and departure day.
By the way, most hotels work like that how do you set the system up to handle this?

For the 2nd point, here’s the screenshot :

Do you have Skype ? Mine is Carmin31

My customer is really speed to work with this plugin, please tell me if it will be ok for today ? Thank you,