Reply To: Dashboard overview messed up

Awesome! Looks like that fixed it.

There are a few minor issues, but don’t feel you have to fix them if it’s only affecting me. Your timely response is great! 🙂

I don’t know if this is how it was before, but the tooltip with the date is active on the black square I highlighted, but it feels like it should be active on the red outline.

Also the date with the blue underline (at the top) is off. When I hover over the 21st (with or without a reservation on the night of the 21st) It says the 22nd. When I hover over the 22nd with a reservation on it from the night of the 21st to the morning of the 23rd, it says 22nd to 23rd.

I have each resource set as Daily Billing and I don’t have guests specify their time of arrival or departure. (that’s fine right?) So I feel like if a guest reserves only one night it should take away a resource count only the night of the reservation, but it seems to also be taking one on the day after. Everything seems to be working fine though. No double bookings, and guests can still reserve the next day…

Actually this might be causing problems.

This needs to be resolved. Guests can’t click on the 21st for their departure date. They can enter it though and it doesn’t throw any errors.

Also there is this issue:

When I selected the 26th to 27th to add a new reservation, it copies the next day. :/

Sorry that’s a lot of bugs. These last two bugs are most important to me

The searchform seems to be working perfectly. Better wording for “Not available at” is “Not available on”.