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Hi again,

Sorry to bother you again with this issue but I’m still having problems. I have a problem with the hour and minutes field.
1- When I’m using a custom field for the arrival time the filters are not applying so the user can reserve even if I’m fully booked.
2- When I’m using a custom field for the arrival time the system is not registering the information of this custom field as the arrival time. So the reservations are shown in the dashboard as 12:00.

[custom id=”2″]
This custom field is configured with the hour and minutes in the same select field (13:00, 13:15, 13:30, 13:45 …etc)


As a restaurant we are we just need a date-from, a date-from-hour and a date-from-minute (No Need to use the date-to, dete-to-hour. date-to-minute). But I need to be able to define date-from-hour and a date-from-minute differently from monday to thursday and from friday to saturday.

I promise I’ve read the Premium Guide 3 times, and tried to configure the plugin during hours in different days. But I’m not succeeding. It’ll be really good if you could check my website and tell me how to do it. Will it be possible to call you to arrange all this in 15 minutes on the phone?

Please please please.

This is my code for the form. Is there anything wrong? Is there anything missing? Can you please help me to finnish it in order it does the few simple thing I’d like it to do?

[error error_title=”Ha habido un error con su reserva” error_message=”Resuelva el error o contácte con nosotros telefónicamente.”]Fecha:
Date of your booking?
[date-from value=”+0″ maxlength=”50″ style=”width:175px!important;”]
Time for your booking?
[custom id=”2″]
How many people?
[adults 1 12 value=”2″]
Your name
[thename maxlength=”60″ style=”width:375px!important;”]
Your e-mail
[email maxlength=”60″ style=”width:375px!important;”]
Phone number
[custom id=”4″ style=”width:375px!important;”]
Carta o Menú:
Order here
[custom id=”1″]
Any preferences, alergies…
[custom id=”3″ style=”height:75px; width:375px!important;”]

[custom id=”5″] Aceptar Política de Privacidad

[submit value=”Reservar”][hidden resource 6167]

Thank you very much.