Reply To: Default values in search fields

OK easyadmin, but I hope you know: that will work until I refresh the page.

Tell me something else:

Where do you have the piece of code which forces back the price to 1 adult-price in the reservation form, when it recalculating the reservation form.
Even after I am modifying conditions for price calculation for o adult in reservation.class.php line ~195 and following lines, when displaying the price in reservation form in the front end, I have the following results

0 adults – 1 x the price ( wrong)
1 adult – 1 x price
n adults – n x price

1 adult +1 child – correct price
2 adult + 2 child – correct price, but

0 adult + 1 child – I have the price of 1 adult+1 child (wrong)

So please help me with a few line of codes (this shouldn’t be a problem for you) to modify this and direct me to other files in your plugin where the adults variable is always reset to 1. This is what gives the errors described above.