Reply To: Departure date

a) My ressource is based on hours (min1/max 23). If I add an [unit] field and fix departure date as arrival date : I got message : departure date has to be arrival date
b) If I fix departure date as one more arrival date, price is increased of €10 (why???) and it doesn’t calculate night hours filter!
c) Hidden field departure is not a solution because it doesn’t calculate night hours filter and it requires d-m-Y

2. How can I send you a screenshot of the custom field ? this form does not allow me to add a file…
Here are the settings :
Title : Pick-up from airport
Price field has influence on price (checked)
Option 1 : Value : No; Price : €0
Option 2 : Value : Yes; Price : $10
Required (not checked)

If you want you can simulate reservations, my website is on construction and I’ll cancel after.