Reply To: Display Tax Free Price Solution

Got it to work. Odd thing is that for one night, the price adds a penny. For example, one room for one night is $149.00. The system calculates it to $149.01. If a guest selects 2 nights, the price is correct at $298.00. Not a huge deal, but do you have a remedy for that? I hope to not have any complaints over a penny, but I know the inn keeper is going to question me, especially if it miscalculates her totals in any way.

I have a page on the site where I’ve inserted the [easy_search] short code. I love how the guest can see each room, the price, which rooms are available, etc. I would like the price to not included tax on this page as well. I have located the code that controls this in the search.php (around lines 419 and 420). Is it safe to replace ‘$res->price,1’ with ‘$res->price-$res->taxamount,1’ there as well? I’ve tried it locally and it seems to work.

Thank you for your assistance. This will definitely help us look more competitive to the surrounding bed & breakfast inns!