Reply To: easyStartPrice is not defined

Thanks. I’m not sure where in the custom gateway to specify grabbing the predefined deposit as the total. It works only grabs the nightly rate. Here’s my code if you could tell me what to add, please.

‘Custom Gateway’,
‘form_name’ => ‘XXXXX’,
‘amount_name’ => ‘DollarAmount’,

return $gateways;

add_filter(‘reservations_register_gateway’, ‘register_my_custom_gateway’, 10, 1);

function generate_my_gateway_payment_form($res,$id,$title,$price,$nonce){
//Open form with link to gateway; the name of this should be the value of form_name at gateway registration
$form = ”;

//Add a image as button to click on
$form.= ”;

//Create array with the fields required by gateway
$array = array(
//The id required for the ipn function is the variable $id
‘invoice’ => $id,

//Description is the variable $title
‘item_name’ => $title,

//Field for price; It’s key should be the value of amount_name at gateway registration
‘amount’ => $price,

//Link to your ipn script if you create one
‘notify_url’ => WP_PLUGIN_URL.’/example/example_ipn.php’,

//If the gateway supports a custom field use it for the nonce and check it in the ipn
‘custom’ => $nonce,

//Some examples that are required in most gateways in some form
‘business’ => ‘my_shop_identifier’,
‘cancel_return’ => ‘’,
‘currency_code’ => ‘USD’,
‘return’ => ‘’

//Generate hidden fields from the array
$form .= easyreservations_generate_hidden_fields($array);
//Close form
$form .= ”;

return $form;
add_filter(‘reservations_generate_gateway_button’, ‘generate_my_gateway_payment_form’, 10, 5);