Reply To: Editing a approved reservation failed


I tried a lot and now I know the problem:

My ressource has many rooms, but I don´t have to assign each reservation to a special room.

e.g. 10 rooms for ressource A.

It doesn´t matter which room is used (it´s a parkig deck).

So I don´t care about room numers if I confirm a reservation.

Now after the update the systems has problems with that. It seems in the past every confirmed booking of one ressource is booked always to room #1 in this resource.

Now if I try to edit a booking I can’t save it, because the system thinks the room is booked by another resource.

I see you have a room number #keins in easyreservations.

Thought this is the solution, but unfortunally I can use #keins only once.

I need a solution for NOT to be forced to assign a room number for each booking if I confirm that.

Can you help/ fix (#keins) or give me a hint?

Best regards,