Reply To: error messages and excerpt

Hi Feryaz,
1. I did the following:
Installed Poedit software
Transferred the “easyReservations-en_EN.po” from the server to my PC
Opened Poedit and selected “edit a translation”
Chose the above file
Found the text to change
Placed new text in English into the translation area
Saved the file over “easyReservations-en_EN.po”
The “” was created
Deleted the above files from server
Transferred the above files from my PC to server

I had no success, so I repeated the above starting from “easyreservations.pot” and creating “easyReservations-en_EN.po” and “” from the beginning, but I had no success either.
It seems that in Poedit you cannot edit the text – you may only translate it.

2. Worked like a charm. But I will have to repeat changing the code each time there is an eR update?