Reply To: Error on Departure Date / Question with hours

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve edited the HTML value of the form that is generated with the short code, then removed the options that are not needed. Then instead of the short code, I pasted the HTML on my wordpress page, but now i’ve realised that the short code also inputs some scripts to the full HTML which make the form look good and have the scripts for the date picker.
Am I doing it wrong? It’s not very clear on where to replace the [date-X-hour] with the HTML.

Regarding the hourly billing:
I’ve managed to process the reservations if it uses Daily billing, but then for some reason, reservations look to last for two days on the dashboard calendar. I would like to set it up as, if reservation is at 13:00 and ends 14:00, that means just add 1 hour to the selected arriving time.

If I use hourly billing, I can’t get to process the reservations: When I change the date on the date picker gives an error “Maximum 2 hours in Reserva”. I’ve set up in the resources options for “Reserva” that the min and max should be 1 and 2 hours.

Please help!