Reply To: Error on Departure Date / Question with hours

1. Ok, I’ll try with that. I get it now… It’s the most simple solution just edit what displays to the user.
1.1 Is there an option to leave the whole time in one selection? I mean, selecting hour and minutes on the same droplist, not hour in one and min in another.

1. I copied the HTML value of the select field and remove the options. Then replaced the [date-X-hour] with the HTML. HTML FILE HERE:

But won’t work, I get the following warning from the browser “The page at says: no arrival field – correct that” when changing the hour.

2. Resource: “Reserva” (Reserva is the name of my resource).

2.1 – Reservations from MON to FRI with UNAVAILABLE FILTER: If hour to check is Sat, Sun resource is unavailable

2.2 – I’ve removed the length of stay in my custom form and also on the short code with select=”1″.

2.3 – When setting up the hourly billing of the resource, I’ve configured the min and max to 1 hour, so they use 1 hour blocks. When I select any date on the date picker I get the following error: “Maximum 1 hour in Reserva”.

2.4- When selecting daily billing, I get the order to process only from MON to THURSDAY.
When I select Friday, I get the error “Not available *shows next day date” and also “Maximum 1 day in Reserva” –
If Changed to Max 2 days in resource level, only shows the first error. “Not available *shows next day date”

You can check out my form on or on

So, How do I make this only book for 1 hour blocks?