Reply To: Error on Departure Date / Question with hours

On the beta webpage: Update date on latest beta says 13.03.2014
The downloaded zip file says version 3.5, then when unzipped still says 3.4.2 in changelog and also on the wp plugin page.
I still replaced it on my plugins folder on my server, and now I have more errors than before.
This is just not working now. Multiple errors:

1. I’ve tried hourly billing (MIN AND MAX 1 HOUR) with no luck
1.1 Trying to reserve on a Friday, ERROR: “Maximum 1 hour in ReservaNot available at 03/21/2015 00:00 – 03/21/2015 02:00”
1.2 On a weekday: ERROR: “Maximum 1 hour in Reserva” – If I change the max to 2 hours, then says “Maximum 2 hour in Reserva”

Still not working.

I’m sending you FTP access credentials to your email.