Reply To: Errors found in the form – Cannot accept online reservations.


No, we have changed absolutely nothing expect servers. The database was exported and restored, and the code was copied unmodified. I did try upgrading WordPress as well as the reservation plugin, but the same problem still exists.

Are those two lines blank? Could that be fixed with a trim operation? I took a look at the Ajax request I think you’re referring to, and it looks like line 0 is the order number, used for PayPal most likely, and line 1 is the order total, and line 2 looks like a display div saying the reservation was successful.

I did not originally setup this site, so I am just getting familiar with it, but am tasked with making it work. I first set it up on a Windows host, but had that problem, so I even went as far as putting it on Linux. Same problem on both brand new servers.