Reply To: Fatal error – Add reservation in admin area


I am getting confused. Why is it working fine for AX10 and not for me?

I have stopped working on the test website: http://www.creation1.chambresdhotes-conseils as soon I have installed the beta realeased on 17.06.13 see because everything was working great.
So that, I have moved my test website to my customer sub-domain and reinstall the previous beta and the problem of fatal error came up.
If I return to, I can enter new reservation without any problem.
If I re upload beta 28 on, I can’t.

I don’t know what to think and what could be wrong.
If you say that you have to find a workaround, I figured you might know about my mooves.

Please, keep me posted asap. Adding reservation, is the last thing to do before I put the website online.

Thank you.