Reply To: Filter not applying itself for multi-day reservation

I am taking a stab at fixing this myself. I am hoping that someone out there will check my form.
The issue is that a discount for 2 or more sharing is not being applied over a multiple day reservation, i.e. the discount is only being applied to the FIRST day of a multi-day reservation.
Here’s where I am working: easyreservation\lib\functions\both.php ~line 261-262.

I have changed: $the_discount = $discount_amount * ($res[0]->number + $res[0]->childs);
to this: $the_discount = $discount_amount * ($res[0]->number + $res[0]->childs) * ($nights);

It SEEMS to work, but I would GREATLY appreciate someone checking my form: ONLY USE >>>>>>> DOUBLE – SLEEPS 2 as room choice
FYI the form visually is a mess right now. When I updated the plugin, I lost my edited form

Here’s the numbers. Current base price is 45 Euro. I have a 5 Euro discount filter for 2 or more people sharing a room.
SEEMINGLY the discount is being applied correctly now, for 1 night, or MULTIPLE nights, as I THINK it should work.

Let me know your results,, CHEERS,
Kevin Logan (

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