Reply To: Filter not applying itself for multi-day reservation

OK, so I updated to V 2.0.4
The bad news is:
1) I DO have to redo all the filters, at least re-enter all the dates. Concering this, with HOURS now part of the issue, what do you suggest for a full date range? ex: 27.07.2012 00:00 – 07.08.2012 23:59
2) AFTER I edit the filter with corrected dates, if I go back to edit it AGAIN, the date format has changed into seeming nonsense. Following example used above, 27.07.2012 00:00 – 07.08.2012 23:59 saves correctly, BUT if I go to edit it again, it has changed INTO: 27.07.2012 00:00 – 1344383940 X:59 ,, where X is blank
3) The original problem I wrote about, still exists, i.e the discount filter is NOT being applied to a multi-day (more than 1 day) reservation. I paste again from above:
This is either a bug, or I am doing something wrong, but I do think it is a bug.
I have made a “discount” filter of -5 Euro for 2 or more people sharing a room.
The filter works fine if the reservation is 1 day.
If the reservation is 2 or more days, the filter is only applied to 1 of the days.

For example:
1. Base price= 30 Euro
2. Single person would pay 30 per day
3. 2 people in same room would pay 25 per day with filter applied.
4. Filter is fine for 1 day reservation & price for 2 people for 1 day is 50 Euro.
5. Filter does not apply to second (or more days) with 2 people & filter of -5.00 for 2 or more people,
2 days price computes to 110 (25+25+30+30),
3 days price computes to 170 (25+25+30+30+30+30)

Get what I mean?