Reply To: Filter not applying itself for multi-day reservation

For me, it seems simple, but I still don’t understand what you mean,,,, very sorry.
I am not even sure if you are asking me what I am looking to accomplish or if you’re trying to explain to me
that it IS possible with the program already, as it is. If it is, I am not getting what you mean how to do it.
What I think it should be is that a discount is offered if 2 or more people share a room.
That is very common in B&Bs in Ireland & the UK, at least.
Therefore, once 2 or more people are in the room, the base price is reduced by the discount,
in this case the new base price is (30-5)=25 X 2people = 50/day. If 2 days, 100, 3 days 150, and so on.

Apologies again, if I am thick here. Perhaps someone else can chime in on this.

All the best,