Reply To: Filter priorities not working

1. Ok so the answer is to ‘You have to use change baseprice for a filter that should only affect in a certain date range. This does not help the fact that if there are multiple people staying, they need to be charged ‘price per billing day and per person’ as this is a separate filter for each and everyday they stay. Am I missing something?
2. This filter worked previously when there was only 1 ‘extra persons charge’ of $15.00 set to ‘price per billing day and per person’ throughout the entire booking system.
3. My client has now advised that we must add a second filter for the peak period so as well as $15 ‘price per billing day and per person’ I need to include $17.50 per additional charge price per billing day and per person for a different date range. You mentioned that they can’t be limited by a date so does that mean the ‘filter by time’ function will not work at all? Can you please point me in to the direction of how to get this to work as i require? Thanks & regards.