Reply To: filters and conditions – lost


I’m in the same situation and have three other kind of needs :

1 : I need to apply discounts if 1 person takes a double room : he’s only billed for 1 meal.

2 : when telling there will be children, I need some fields to appear (max 3) to set children ages and in function of ages, apply discounts.

3 : I need the pricing to be degressive regarding how many nights are booked. Exemple : 1 night is a fix price, 3 is degressive, 6 is degressive and so on…

Just as Elizabeth, I’d need an easy option to set seasonal pricings like additionnal fields we could add for a ressource pricing and define the periods with a date picker for each new pricing entry, this would be great.

I really need some help on points 1 and 2 as you seems to dev the 3rd.