Reply To: Filters for high season: min stay days change, add volume day pricing discount

Hi there,

Can you please kindly set up a couple of demo filters for me based on this forum ticket, so that I can see these in the backend? I will then be able to learn from this and use them as a guide to set up the other filters of the same nature for the site.

I’m pretty stuck on filter 2 and 3, so if you can please set up a demo filter for me for filter 2 and 3 that would be really very very helpful.

For the filter 3, perhaps you can just kindly set this up for 10 nights – then I can see how you did this and will be able to replicate the style for the others.

I have shared my login details with you via email already.

This plugin is far from straight forward. We are simply trying to understand it so that we can leverage it correctly and then roll it out for other client projects.

So far we haven’t gotten very far as we are new, trying to work it out. If you can please kindly help us out here then we can get on with it.

Thx a lot.