Reply To: Flat Fee

Thank you for your help, we had to set the tax to apply to only the stay. We had it set to both previously.

Now we have come into a new problem that we are hoping can be solved.

We have implemented the calendar shortcode into each resource page. As it is now the price on each day displays with a 13.96% tax that we have applied to the resource.

Is there a way to show only the base price on the calendar without the tax applied to it?

For example we have a resource that is set up for daily billing with a base price of $396 and a tax of 13.96% applied to the entire stay. We also have a few conditionals set up that change depending on the season.

For the current season we have the base price set to $410 per night. On the calendar it displays this as $467 because it is including the 13.96% tax.

We want the calendar to display the daily base price, depending on the season, without the taxes added on.