Reply To: form filling error messages not translating

Ok, I will test this.
WP is installed in Italian language, but, for client reason, the main language in WPML is english. Maybe this is why, now that you corrected languages problems, EasyReservations reconize English as main language (while before it was always Italian). Even in the WordPress menu (in italian because of the wp-config settings it_IT) Easyreservations menu was in English.
My question:
is there a chance to make a different relationship between WordPress installation language settings (wp.config) and WPML main language for the administration panel so it will gets the right data?
Otherwise The system has not the change toi manage wordpress in a language and set the main language for the presentation on the web in another language. (I’m Italian so I prefer the administration in Italian, but my clients are mainly english so I’d like better to have English as main language on the website).