Reply To: form filling error messages not translating

the new beta seems to be working differently from the last version. It mix up results. There is always a written “strings(2)en” on the website and the administation.

It changes to the selected language (de or It) everywhere but not in the reservation panel.

In the 3.2 version once you create a resource, it is always “the same” even when, once it is translated, you select another language in the administration. Prices and other stuff is always (correctly) the same.
In Beta 3.3 this is not happening for my only one resource already created. So I have tried to delete it and create a new one, but the problem is still there. With beta the form is not working anymore. Languages are mixed in the administration panel.

Reinstalling 3.2 everything begin to work again (except for the language in the form).

Can I send you some screenshot so to make it clearer?

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@EMIL:switching languages in the profile do not change the EasyReservation menu that is always in English (Dashboard, Resources, Settings)