Reply To: Form screen showing error

Ok. I downloaded the latest beta and that error disappeared.

The loading speed issues seems to be our problem at this time.We see that the datepicker availability needs to be used at is maximum posible value (360 days) if we wan`t offer a normal usability in our site.

Even if we use the normal calendar above the form we always have the date field visible and if the user opens the datepicker it needs to show the real availability to avoid confusion or showing and error on dates that are really available..

We have been consulting this issue with a master developer and in his opinion the datepicker needs the same ajax querys thar the main calendar is using. When you insert the main calendar it only querys one month of a given resource and loads the rest of the information “on demand”.

Our load time now is about 4000ms with 4 resources. If we use 10 or 12 resources I’m afraid that our site is going to become usseless.

Please let us know if you see any posible solution to this..

Thank you Feyraz..