Reply To: Half day departure style

I just installed the 21/06 version again and the departure day displays fine here “calendar-cell calendar-cell-empty calendar-cell-full2 calendar-cell-halfend”, although empty days are still “calendar-cell calendar-cell-empty calendar-cell-empty2 calendar-cell-halfstart” (shouldn’t be halfstart but since it’s empty it appears fine).
Arrival days are ok on both versions “calendar-cell today calendar-cell-empty calendar-cell-full2 calendar-cell-halfstart”.

I’m surprised you can’t reproduce this bug, my availability settings are standard and there isn’t any special set up here.
Maybe you look at the wrong calendar though, the dashboard calendar is displayed correctly but not the ressource one and the frontend one. And it’s the beta version that’s bugged

And as I said it’s running on a local server for dev purposes so there isn’t any external access.. I could set it up on an external server but it’s a lot of wasted time while it is not my job to fix it