Reply To: Half day not available, then plugin crashed

Hi easyadmin
Wow, that took a lot of research. It turns out the problem is in this file in the easyreservations plugin:
It is simply the white space before the opening that cause the problems above. Reading on forums about other similar problems with other plugins it became clear from the error messages I was receiving that it was a problem with white space on the first or last line of a php file in easyreservations. Removing it from this file cleared the issue up.

So now that it’s working again, I need a fix for the problem I was originally trying to solve: – Friday 4th of October appears as unavailable yet this is a half day that people should be able to book from. If they click on it they are told it’s unavailable on this date.
In the back end I can book these dates, but users on the front end are told it’s unavailable on these dates.