Reply To: Hidden does not transmit the value

I’m sorry, but the data base is not yet on-line.
In fact the problem is on the date-from-hour field. When only the date-to-hour is hidden it works. When I add the hidden to date-from-hour the error occurs: “Not available at 23.10.2014″

Can I help you in another way? Sending screen captures via email?

This is the form:
[error]Demand for availability
Arrival DateWhen would you come?[date-from style=”width:27%”][hidden date-from-hour style=”width:18%” value=”16″] Departure DateWhen would
you go?[date-to style=”width:27%”][hidden date-to-hour style=”width:18%” value=”10″]
AdultsHow many guests?[adults 1 4 value=”2″]Children With children?[childs 0 4]
NameWhat is your name?[thename]EmailWhat is your email?[email]
PhoneYour phone number?[custom text Phone *]StreetYour street?[custom text Street *]
Postal codeYour postal code?[custom text PostCode *]CityYour city?[custom text City *]CountryYour country?
[country value=”FR”]MessageAny comments?
[custom textarea Message *]CaptchaType in code[captcha][submit Send]

And the call:
[easy_calendar resource=”1979″ width=”100″ style=”1″ req=”1″ price=”0″ monthes=”1×1″ interval=”1″]
[easy_form lefournil style=”none” submit=”Demand successfully sent” subsubmit=”Please continue.” credit=”…” subcredit=”…” resourcename=”Guest house” pers=”1″ resource=”1979″ multiple=”” validate=”Demand successfully verified” subvalidate=”Either make additional demands or submit”]