Reply To: how can i add "woman" option?

thank your answer. but i have not been getting solution.
sorry I did not exactly question. before

about “woman” option.

i want to display man and woman option in my Form

so i add this code.(sorry i try to add tag. but this support Forum did not allow adding tag..i think..)

How many guests?
[adults 0 10]

How many guests?
[adults 0 10]

so i can see and choose this option in my form
but when i choose

man 0
woman 1

the form page show this warning massage

“At least 1 person in ROOM 4”
“Adult has to be a number at least one”

i added 2 [adults 0 10] shortcode.
one is work well
but i think next adults option is not registered as adults

somthing that i want is to have each adults option that work well
and i just change this options label text. “man” “woman”

how can i fix this question?