Reply To: How to use custom price fields in email Templates


Just tested it – but it don´t works for me 🙁

If I used [customs] in my maio template, all custom text fields are dumped into the email.

If i user [customs Personen else=”None”] it print´s None to my email.

But “Personen” is a custim price field in reservation form and selected to “5 Personen” – in the Backend at reservations Dashboard it´s displayed correct.

How can I get the content of custom PRICE fields to my email?

Here are my definitions:

——————- in reservaztion Form———————

[price select Personen “1 Person:0,2 Personen:0,3 Personen:0,4 Personen:0,5 Personen:5,6 Personen:10,7 Personen:15,8 Personen:20,9 Personen:25,10 Personen:30″]

——————–in eMail Template———————————————
Anzahl Personen: [customs Personen else=”none”]

Please Help!