Reply To: htmlMails: please add [resource-name]

I can’t use the edit function after like 10 minutes have passed (bug forum?). the small pencil icon and ‘edit’ link just stop appearing. that’s why I posted new replies.

you say if a guest makes a reservation there’s no resource number selected. why is this? why can’t the guest automatically be assigned a resource number? and oddly enough, the guest does automatically get a resource number assigned if I use a different resource type (ie. the resources I have with multiple rooms, A1, A2, etc – just not the one with Z1)

here’s the line from both email templates.
‘Mail to guest after new reservation’ template:
[lang value="Children" es_ES="Niños"]
[prices Children hide="amount"] [prices Children hide="value"]

‘Mail to admin after new reservation’ template:
[prices Children hide=”amount”] [prices Children hide="value"]

you can see the only difference is that for the admin I don’t use the [lang] tag (and that’s because I only want admin emails in Spanish)