Reply To: If More than 6 Guests, Extra $25 per extra guest

For the requirements you use the requirement filter. You can define the min nights to stay and the maximum people for it. As they work with the units filter you can select your weekdays.

I would set the $350 as base price and add two filters for the weekend. The first with only the three weekdays as time units and change base price to 400. The second filter has the same selection but also the condition for two persons and changes the base price to 375.
You can only do the last in the beta of 3.3, as time and condition filters are merged in it so you can select both in one filter.

One thing that I don’t fully get is the “up to 6 people” you mention together with the next line saying “Extra guests – $25 each per night”. Either 7 persons is max or they cost 25€ each night. Both is logically not possible. As you wrote a correct price field for that already I thing that was not your problem.