Reply To: Import from CSV/Mass Import.

Of course that would be nice, but the problem isn’t the import function – which is fairly simple, just a bit time consuming – it’s the informations you want to enter.
They would must be in a defined format and with all relevant informations ordered and formated correctly for the system to understand it.
Just because the system supports xml that doesn’t mean you can enter any xml files. And it would be the same for CSV or any other format. It’s like being able to open a word file but cant understand its language…
That means I would have to write different import functions for each programs export. That’s endless.

A different point is google calendar synchronisation. Very reasonable as most programs are compatible to it. It could be used for very different ways of syncing the information’s. I’ve began with it a month ago, but it turned out to be a little nifty. Either I would need to add each URL of the websites able to use it in a google developer account manually or the my users would need to open and configure a dev account themselves. First is a bit restrictive for the user and the second would increase my support to much as it isn’t that easy. If I find a better way with the same level of security I would be happy to add it.