Reply To: Incorrect display of resource employment on the calendar.

A little better, but the bug still exists.

In version 3.4 #17 (with the same input data as in the post 1) information in the calendar and in the form are different. See the pic:

The question is arises: is correctly displays the calendar or the form?

On the example of my original data I think that correctly should be so:
14.05.2014 – booking not avaiable, calendar must be red (because on this day last free room is occupied);
15.05.2014 – booking not avaiable, calendar must be red (all the rooms are occupied);
16.05.2014 – booking must be avaiable and calendar must be yellow (because in this day two rooms are exempt and new customers can be accommodated for the next night).

I hope you will fix this bug.