Reply To: Initiate and complete reservation from widget

Thanks again. Please look this over and let me know if I need to do anything else for the system to understand my intent.

I’ve added a shortcode filter for widgets, that works. I’ve also added the following around line 270 so that the proper property is auto selected.

elseif($field[0]=="rooms" || $field[0]=="resources"){
if(isset($field['exclude'])) $exclude = explode(',', $field['exclude']); else $exclude = '';
$slug = get_post( $post )->post_name;
$propertyID = get_post_id( $slug, 'easy-rooms' ); // Since client is not on exres custom post type but matching slugs
$theForm=str_replace('['.$fields.']', ''.easyreservations_resource_options($propertyID, 0).'', $theForm);