Reply To: Invoice not attached to email after payment

Still no invoice being attached after trying out the latest Beta. (temp got around the dashboard fatal error by commenting out the “easyreservations_log(123); in easyReservations_admin_main.php”).

My “/lib/modules/invoice” has the highest CHMOD. I can;t see no temp folder only “html2pdf” and “templates”.

The only way I have managed to get it to work is within “Invoice Settings” NOT the first two select options (as I only have one – Standard) but lower down within “Email Attachment generated by guest template” – If I change the select options to “Guest template” – then as admin and guest I get the invoice attachment.

But this makes no sense as to why that should work as I only have a “Standard” template?

Another side issue – within the template editor – under Summary… i’ve ticked the radio option

[arrival] - [departure] : [resource] @ £[dailyprice] per night (GBP)

The “£” works fine in the attached invoice BUT if you click on the “invoice” link within reservations / dashboard which presents you with a popup window – in that invoice I get a double “£ £” coming out?