Reply To: Invoice Preview or Generate – neither work but email does

something interesting.

I created from scratch everything.. blank slate.. i activated the modules. created a reservation then
clicked INVOICE on the edit mode.. it actually worked with the message – you must set up an invoice..
so then i created an invoice with the standard … it gave me the This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?
It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

so when it creates an invoice where is this ? so i can make sure its public? or not?
is there something specific maybe for the .httaccess file?
is there a permissions problem maybe with a folder or file?

So i deleted the standard and it all shows the create an invoice template message.. but then it works.. so strange…. I hope this information helps.. I use GoDaddy Cpanel as well.. im using php 5.2

I created the standard clicked nothing for email invoice or any check boxes- it still works with the create invoice message.
as soon as i click email to guest from admin or something.. then click invoice it shows the invoice in the popout but then clicking
generate gets that 404 error again. If i unclick the settings.. and save .. it continues with the error messages.

I have also tried several browsers.. nothing changes.