Reply To: Last minute option

easyReservations is compatible the two major multilinguale plugins WPML and qTranslate. If more gets required enough, more would be added. I’ve heard from a few clients using other minor ones as well.
Multisite however isn’t really thought for multilinguale websites, but more for portals and networks. Which both isn’t the target group of easyreservations. You’re the second one talking about multisite, while the first request is over a year ago. And more important I don’t want the plugin to be used for big networks or portals. It already happend twice and they purchased it once and wanted me to support their network for a lot of hotels while they’re getting monthly fees.

For an last minute discount just enter an early discount filter with the lowest condition (1) and a second with the amount 0 and the condition to how long you want to give the discount.